Throughout the years, the Seismology-Gravimetry service has built an international reputation of excellence in different domains linked to our research axes, namely: paleoseismology, probabilistic seismic hazard assessment, (strong) ground motion measurement and evaluation, gravity measurements, in-house developed Earth tides Freeware (like TSOFT) and Open Source Software (such as MSNoise).

Example possible consultancy services:

  • Seismic hazard assessment & ground motion measurements: PSHA calculation, site effect analysis, depth to bedrock modelling.
  • Paleoseismology: training, field workflow, accompanying for interpretation.
  • Volcano- & seismic noise monitoring: network handling, archive managing, instrumentation, big seismic data processing, training.
  • Gravimetry: local gravity measurements, Earth tide analysis, gravity data processing
  • Shallow geophysics: depth to bedrock calculation and modelling, shallow ground surface imaging by Electrical Resistivity Tomography.

Based on these expertise, the seismology-Gravimetry service offers consultancy services, via contracting, subcontracting, training or workshops. Various expertise have been contracted by the private or public sectors for short and long duration contracts. Thanks to our strong links with Belgian universities, long term projects sponsored by private or public sectors can be the subject of PhD, MSc or BSc theses.

The Service will not provide consultancy related to vibrations monitoring of houses/buildings, see our FAQ.